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Academic Subjects at LS6


At LS6 we offer the A-level subjects listed below. A-level subjects are taught over 5 hours of lesson time per week. These can be taken on Pathway 2 and Pathway 3. For LS6 Pathway information, please click here.

A-level Biology Exam Board: AQA 

Summary: Students gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the living world from the molecular level to complex systems and how organisms interact with our ever changing environment.

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A-level English Language & Literature (combined) Exam Board: AQA

Summary: English Language & Literature combines skills from both disciplines in a varied study of literary fiction and non-literary texts. It will build on skills gained at GCSE and develop an understanding of linguistic and literary theory.

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A-level Mathematics Exam Board: Edexcel 

Summary: Mathematics covers Core, Statistics and Mechanics. There are units that lead on directly from the higher content at GCSE. You will also explore new topics like Differentiation and Integration or Hypothesis testing.

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Core Maths Exam Board: AQA

Summary: This course looks at aspects of Mathematics that are used in all sorts of industries and everyday finance; including credit cards and loans, taxation, changes in house prices. The exam uses real data and focuses on using data and calculations to make informed decisions.

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A Level Psychology Exam board: AQA 

Summary: Psychology will give you an understanding of the way people think and why people behave in certain ways. You will learn a variety of skills including analytical thinking, improved communication skills, problem solving and many more that will prepare you for an exciting future with the possibility of a range of fantastic careers in nursing, policing, armed forces, social work and many more.

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