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Y12-13 Core Maths


Curriculum Intent

“No employment can be managed without arithmetic, no mechanical invention without geometry.” Benjamin Franklin

Maths is incredibly important in our lives; we use mathematical concepts, as well as the skills we learn from doing maths problems, every day. The laws of mathematics govern everything around us, and without a good understanding of them, one can encounter significant problems in life.

At Key Stage 5, our Core Maths students will look at applying GCSE content to real life industries to inform decision making. They will also look at elements of personal finance and company finance as well as loans, credit cards, taxation and savings. They will also be introduced to new data handling skills.

The key focus of the course is to take calculations and make informed decisions based on the answers.

This course looks at aspects of Mathematics that are used in all sorts of industries and everyday finance. Including Credit cards and loans, taxation, changes in house prices. The exam uses real data and focuses on using data and calculations to make informed decisions.

The final examination is two hour and a half papers, paper 1 has preliminary data provided in advance to allow students and teachers to look at what could be asked about the data.

The second exam is an hour and a half on one of three topics to be decided by the teacher at the start of the course after conversation with the class. There is a formula sheet, and a calculator is allowed in both papers.

There will be regular assessments and past papers sat over the course.

Our full Mathematics curriculum intent, implementation and impact document can be found by clicking here.

Please click here to view the KS5 Core Maths specification