OPEN EVENINGS | Y9 ENTRY – 21 September 2023 | SIXTH FORM - 23 November 2023

Sport up to 24 hours of contact time a week!


Our Sports specialism at LS6 provides students with a recognised qualification for the Sports industry, equivalent to one, two or three A-levels. LS6 students receive up to 24 hours of contact time a week and opportunties to train offsite with our Academy of Sport providers.

LeAF Athlete Academy combines the best of focused, vocational learning with excellent academic achievement to equip students with the diverse range of skills required in these highly competitive sporting sectors. Working in partnership with external coaches and clubs, our Sport Specialism provides learners with a comprehensive support network, in order to form and fulfil a successful dual career.

As part of your intense training and qualification you will explore a wide range of the Performing Arts industry including:

Your Training at LS6

Your BTEC Sport Course

Individualised Training Programmes Sport and Exercise Science industries
Personalised Strength & Conditioning Sports Coaching and Officiating industry
Dual Career Lifestyle Support (TALS) Sports Development & Business industries
TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) accredited sessions Health and Personal Fitness industries
Anthropometric Testing and Maturation screening Sports Analysis Industry
Force Plate Data Analysis Sports Psychology Industry
Sport Psychology support CV and professional dual career social media pages
Sports Nutrition guidance
Marketing and Sponsorship guidance
Rehab and Prehab
UCAS and College Applications
Sports Scholarships to USA etc
Links with external coaches to give you a seamless provision between external and internal coaches

Sporting Opportunities

Where Next?

District, Regional and National School Competitions Professional Sports contracts/careers
ENOSS (European Network of Sports Schools) exchange opportunities Elite player performance pathway
Overseas training camps and competition Dual Career Pathway
Talent Identification sessions for various NGBs Specialism university
Coaching, sports development and other dual career opportunities alongside sporting performance Academic pathway at university
Opportunities to complete coaching qualifications Employment in the industry

Why LS6 for Sport?

  • True dual-career emphasis on developing both the academic and sporting aspirations of each student
  • Excellent workshops and trips to some of the UK’s top colleges/universities within the sports industry
  • A fantastic provision of guest speakers offering advice and guidance for elite athletes
  • An exciting and engaging curriculum both for academic qualifications and industry approved coaching courses
  • A proven track record of alumni success
  • Experienced and knowledgeable teachers and coaches
  • Regular trips to sporting events and industry workplaces.