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Year 9-11 Our Year 9-11 English curriculum


English Faculty

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Curriculum Intent

Students will study for two GCSEs: one in English Language and one in English Literature. They will be required to complete four exam papers at the end of KS4 (two in English Language and two in English Literature).

These exams are now graded 1-9 and are assessed by examination only. In addition, students will complete a Spoken Language Assessment for their English Language GCSE which is separately endorsed by the exam board.In English Language paper 1, students will need to be able to identify implicit and explicit information, analyse language and structure whilst also evaluating writers’ methods. They must also be able to write creatively, either writing to describe or narrate.

In preparation for Language paper 2, students need to be able to read a wide range of texts from different time periods. They need to identify implicit and explicit information, be able to summarise and synthesis information, analyse language and compare writers’ perspectives and viewpoints. They must also be able to write to express a viewpoint.

During KS4 students will begin to study the literature texts for GCSE and will continue to revisit them during these three years.
The following texts are studied for GCSE English Literature:
• Shakespeare: Macbeth
• 19th Century Novel: A Christmas Carol
• Modern Text: An Inspector Calls

In addition to these texts, students study the AQA Poetry Anthology which is made up of collected poems either from the Love & Relationships cluster (Y11 2021 cohort only) or the Power and Conflict cluster.

For each of these texts, students must read the whole text and understand the plot, characters, themes and the historical context in which the text was originally written. The texts can be related to core British values which can be accessed by all students emphasising equality for all.

AQA assessments have been designed to inspire and motivate students, providing appropriate stretch and challenge whilst ensuring, as far as possible, that the assessment and texts are accessible to the full range of students.

The specification will enable students of all abilities to develop the skills they need to read, understand and analyse a wide range of different texts covering the 19th, 20th and 21st century time periods as well as to write clearly, coherently and accurately using a range of vocabulary and sentence structures.

AQA provide a good range of resources and support. Other schools in the Trust also use AQA which provides us with opportunities for moderation and accurate data analysis.

GCSE Specification

Links to the GCSE specifications for English can be found below:

English Language

English Literature

Our full English curriculum intent, implementation and impact document can be found by clicking here.