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Vice Principal’s (Inclusion) Message


“The quality of individual support and care forpupils is a strength of the school. Staff know their pupils as individuals and are quick to step inwhen they need additional support.”

(OFSTED, January 2019)

A unique setting, LeAF Studio strives to provide an inclusive environment, ensuring students have the opportunity to pursue their specialisms and reach their goals within performing arts and sport.

Inclusion at LeAF means a community of individuals who are supportive and compassionate. Students are able to express themselves in a diverse population where those who are passionate in the pursuit of their ambitions have access to high quality training and the greatest opportunities for success.

Every individual who attends LeAF can succeed if they are committed to their specialism and embrace the dual career philosophy of the school. Students are supported in their academic study to make the best progress they are able to achieve, whilst accessing specialist training to develop their skills. The opportunities presented through the dual career pathway ensure that we can be ambitious for all our students and aspire to produce students who have the best possible chance of success in their adult and professional lives.

Health and wellbeing underpin the work at LeAF; coaches, teachers and students are taught to recognise the importance of sustainable performance and to safeguard the wellbeing of everyone in our community.

LeAF Studio is a challenging and stimulating place to study and we are extremely proud of our students.

Joe PhillipsVice Principal