Monday 6/1 is an INSET day. We welcome all students back to LeAF on 7/1 at 8:40am

Student Leadership Team


The Student Leadership Team

Head Girl: Ellie

Head Boy: Milan

Deputy Head Girl: Teagan-Mae

Deputy Head Boy: George


As an Ambassador, our responsibilities include:

  • Representing the school during events
  • Making sure we have student input to help develop the school
  • Being role models for all
  • Provide peer support for students

Ambassadors: Annastacia, Estella, Gracie, Jaime-Lee, Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn, Lucy, Kiran

“As members of the Student Ambassador Team, we have a very important role within the school. After our initial application, we all interviewed with other members of the Students Leadership Team. We have been chosen because we are responsible, very open with ideas and caring. Student Ambassador is an important role within the school. We are responsible for interacting with the main student body and putting forward their ideas or concerns. This way, we are able to make LeAF Studio a better place not just for the staff but also for the students.”

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Student Ambassador at LeAF Studio? Applications open on Monday 24 September 2018. Application forms available from Reception.