Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, LeAF Studio is now closed and will remain closed until further notice. Please visit our COVID-19 page below for further information. All Staff are contactable via email and will work remotely during this time. All student work is available each Friday on Show My Homework.

School Staff


To contact a staff member, please click the teachers name or use the extension number provided when calling the school directly.


Mrs N Lapskas – Principal

Mr T Clark – Vice Principal

Mr J Phillips – Vice Principal

Mrs C Percival – Assistant Vice Principal / Careers Lead

Miss T Dulston – Assistant Vice Principal (Maternity Leave)

Specialism Leads

Mr D Evans ext. 0204 – Athlete Academy – Head of PE

Miss B Aplin ext. 0205 –  Stage & Screen – Head of Drama & Musical Theatre (Maternity Leave)

Mr G Lake ext. 0205 – Stage & Screen – Head of Dance & Production

Heads of Year

Mr W Edmonds – Year 9 & 10

Miss G Manning – Year 11

Mr D Evans ext. 0204 – Year 12 & 13 – Sport

Mr G Lake ext. 0205 – Year 12 & 13 – Stage

Pastoral & Administration

Mrs E Kempton – Pastoral Lead ext. 0208

Mrs L Chewins – KS5 Pastoral Lead ext. 0208

Mrs M Hawkins – Data & Exams Manager and Admissions Officer ext. 0203

Mrs S Wain – Receptionist ext. 0201

Mrs E Collins – Office Manager ext. 0202

Mrs L Farmer – Administration Assistant

Heads of Core

Ms A Jennings – Head of English

Mr W Edmonds – Head of Mathematics

Teaching Faculty

Miss B Pounds – PGCE Student (English)

Mr B Weaver – Teacher of Science

Mr R Stephenson – Teacher of Philosophy & Psychology

Mr C Dennett –Teacher of Media

Mrs D Potter-White – Teacher of Languages

Mr E Olson –Teacher of Humanities / Work Experience Lead

Miss G Manning – Teacher of Business

Mrs H Taylor – Teacher of Humanities & English

Mr J Fortescue –Teacher of PE

Mr J Sorensen –Teacher of  Science

Mr K Hayman –Teacher of Music

Miss K Magookin – Teacher of Performing Arts

Mr M Burt – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr R Walker – Teacher of Drama

Athlete Academy Coaches

Mr N Patrick– Lead Sports Coach

Mr M Laurijssen– Sports Coach

Mr O Davis– Sports Coach

Mr P Adair– Badminton Coach

Mr G Hugo– Golf Coach

Stage & Screen Coaches

Ms A Cox – Peripatetic Acting Coach

Mr A Tuffrey– Vocal Coach/Music Tuition

Mrs E Rodda –Vocal Coach/Music Tuition

Miss J Mason – Acrobatics Coach

Miss L Crump– Dance Coach

Miss R Ford – Dance Coach

Ms V Barents – Peripatetic Music Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Miss S Holloway– Teaching Assistant

Miss S Howarth– Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Regan– Teaching Assistant

Site, Canteen & Mini Bus Staff

Mr B Haskell – Site Manager

Mrs M Wood –Catering Assistant

Mr S Beedie – Minibus Driver

Mr J Pidgley – Minibus Driver

Mr M Bultitude – Minibus Driver

Mr R Vincent – Minibus Driver

Mr F Parish – Minibus Driver