RESULTS DAYS: A-level and BTEC Level 3 - Thursday 15 August. GCSE - Thursday 22 August

School Staff


To contact a staff member, please click the teachers name or use the extension number provided when calling the school directly.


Mrs N Lapskas – Principal

Mr T Clark – Vice Principal

Mr J Phillips – Vice Principal (Inclusion) ext. 0202

Mr P Chapman – Assistant Vice Principal (Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare) ext. 0204

Miss T Dulston – Assistant Vice Principal (Teaching & Learning) ext. 0205

Specialism Leads

Mr D Evans – Head of PE ext. 0204

Miss B Aplin – Head of Drama & Musical Theatre ext. 0205

Mr G Lake – Head of Dance & Production ext. 0205

Pastoral & Administration

Mrs E Kempton – Pastoral Lead ext. 0208

Mrs L Chewins – KS5 Pastoral Lead ext. 0208

Mrs M Hawkins – Data & Exams Manager and Admissions Officer ext. 0203

Mrs S Wain – Receptionist ext. 0201

Mrs E Collins – Office Manager ext. 0202

Teaching Faculty

Mrs C Percival– Teacher of English / Careers Lead

Miss R Lalor– Teacher of English/ Literacy Co-ordinator

Mr M Burt – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr J Sorensen– Teacher of Science

Mr E Olson– Teacher of Humanities / Work Experience Lead

Mr C Dennett– Teacher of Media

Mrs C Harding– Teacher of Languages

Mr J Fortescue– Teacher of PE

Mr K Hayman– Teacher of Music

Miss G Manning– Teacher of Business

Athlete Academy Coaches

Mr N Patrick– Lead Sports Coach

Mr M Laurijssen– Sports Coach

Mr O Davis– Sports Coach

Mr P Adair– Badminton Coach

Mr G Hugo– Golf Coach

Mr J Sheaf – Volleyball Coach

Stage & Screen Coaches

Ms A Cox – Peripatetic Acting Coach

Mr A Tuffrey– Vocal Coach/Music Tuition

Miss J Male – Acro Coach

Miss L Crump– Ballet/Tap Coach

Mrs E Rodda –Vocal Coach/Music Tuition

Miss R Ford – Barre Fitness Coach

Ms V Barents – Peripatetic Music Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Miss S Holloway– Teaching Assistant

Miss S Howarth– Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Regan– Teaching Assistant

Site, Canteen & Mini Bus Staff

Mr B Haskell – Site Manager

Mrs M Wood –Catering Assistant

Mrs A Reagan– Catering Assistant

Mr S Beedie – Minibus Driver

Mr L Reilly – Minibus Driver

Mr J Pidgley – Minibus Driver

Mr M Bultitude – Minibus Driver