OPEN EVENINGS | Y9 ENTRY – 19 September 2024 | SIXTH FORM - 17 October 2024

Performing Arts Students (Y9, 10 & 11)



• Incorrect uniform for classes may result in you being excluded from that class

• All clothing/footwear must be clearly marked with your name

• Some of the uniform items may already be owned, there is no requirement to purchase new providing items are an exact match

• For students who do not identify as male or female, please select from either or a combination of the lists or whichever uniform items you will feel most comfortable in

• The items are only the basic dancewear needed. Wear and tear will mean replacement of some items during term and you should remember that you will have classes every day and therefore likely to require several changes

• Productions will undoubtedly require further hosiery, footwear and other items


Online or Instore | 786 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth, BH9 2DX | 01202 549949!/LEAF-STUDIO-MAIN-SCHOOL/c/66394101


Online only


All LEAF Studio students should ensure they have:

• Clean black trainers with non-marking sole. Outside trainers are not allowed in the studios

• Towel for class

• Plastic water bottle

• Deodorant

• Notebooks for classes

• Earring tape (if required)

• Fully equipped pencil case to include; Black, Red and Green Pen, Pencil, Highlighter, Rubber, Sharpener, Scientific Calculator, Geometry Set (Protractor, Pair of Compasses, Triangle, 15cm ruler)

All students are required to have the following;

• LEAF Studio Black Polo Shirt – Dance Runway

• LEAF Studio Black Tracksuit or Track Pant Bottoms or Black Capezio Dance Leggings – Dance Runway or Buchan Embroidery

• LEAF Studio Black Hoodie(s) (multiple designs available) – Buchan Embroidery

• LEAF Studio Black Training T-Shirt (multiple designs available) – Buchan Embroidery

• LEAF Studio Black Shorts – Dance Runway

FOOTWEAR: Student can wear black trainers/plimsoles.


• LEAF Studio rucksack/duffel bag – Buchan Embroidery

• Black dance and/or black sweat shorts (males) – Dance Runway

• Additional t-shirts/vests – Buchan Embroidery

• White t-shirts (can be worn in summer terms only) – Buchan Embroidery

• Additional leotards

• Plain black sports bra / shorts


Students who have opted for Drama and Music and do not intend to opt for any form of dance training only require the above mentioned items. Those who intend opt for dance training and/or GCSE Dance will also require the below

Dance uniform (For dance training and GCSE Dance)


• Black leotard; either Bloch Alexis or Capezio Bratek – Dance Runway

• Black footless tights –Dance Runway

• Pink Ballet Tights – Dance Runway

• Ballet Shoe (full sole pink leather for novice or split sole leather/canvas for advanced) – Dance Runway (if not already owned).


• Black Roch Valley Short Sleeved Leotard –Dance Runway

• Black Roch Valley Stirup Leggings –Dance Runway

• White Ballet Socks – Dance Runway (if not already owned)

• Dance Belt / Jockstrap –Dance Runway (if not already owned)

• Ballet Shoe (full sole black leather for novice or split sole leather/canvas for advanced) – available from Dance Runway (if not already owned)