Monday 6/1 is an INSET day. We welcome all students back to LeAF on 7/1 at 8:40am

Tutor Groups & Assembly


Please visit the School Staff page to contact your child’s tutor.

Year 9 

Head of Year: Mr W Edmonds

Miss C Bamboulis

Mrs H Taylor

Mr J Sorenson

Year 10

Head of Year: Mr W Edmonds

Mr E Olson

Mr C Dennett

Mr B Weaver

Year 11

Head of Year: Miss G Manning

Ms A Jennings

Mrs C Percival & Mrs C Daly

Mr K Hayman

Mr M Burt

Year 12/13

Sport – Mr D Evans

Stage – Mr G Lake


Monday – Post 16

Tuesday – Year 9

Wednesday – Year 10

Thursday – Year 11

Friday – Specialism/Progress