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Choices After Year 11

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At LeAF Studio we aim to best prepare your son/daughter for their chosen industries or specialisms by providing opportunities to meet and visit with higher education (HE) providers. At LeAF Studio we promote vocational colleges and universities for our students through our dedicated UCAS and application support programme and endeavour to provide training and education that supports and meets admission requirements.

As part of the Ambitions Academies Trust, your son/daughter will have access to further Careers Fayres provided by our Trust Secondary Schools. These careers fayres will support those students who realise that a specialism career is no longer for them.

Careers advice is provided through numerous external workshops, visits and talks from prestigious colleges and universities as well as apprenticeships from outside companies.

LeAF Studio is proud to have won the 4 Star Award for Employer Engagement and continues to provide opportunities for students to make links with employers locally, nationally and internationally.

Good Practice to Highlight

  • Access to professional coaches for insight into chosen career areas and to prepare for auditions and trials
  • Small specialist school enables one to one support for students in preparing for highly competitive careers
  • Awareness of need for second careers either because of lack of success in chosen area or after short career e.g. ECDL for all, continuing stress on general education especially English and Maths, business courses including financial management and self-employment
  • Very positive comments from all students interviewed

How do we measure our Careers Programme?

The effectiveness of our Careers Programme is currently measured against the Gatsby Benchmarks and we review our status twice a year using the Careers and Enterprise Compass tool.

In Years 9 and 10 through our Life Skills / Personal Development curriculum, students are able to research careers pathways both in their chosen specialism and beyond using the National Careers Service Job Profiles. As a result, students can evidence that they know and understand the entry requirements and skills required to begin a career in a range of different options.

Students also attend high profile specialism career events which are directly linked to Performing Arts or Sports. These have included the Move It Dance Convention in London and regular visits to Sporting and Sports Science universities.

All Year 10 and Post 16 students are offered the opportunity to take part in a minimum of 2 weeks work experience in order to gain direct first-hand experience of the world of work.

Gatsby Benchmarks: Meeting the Mark!

The Gatsby Benchmarks are a key part of the Government’s careers strategy for schools.  We are very proud to have received acknowledgement for achieving 100% of the benchmark’s criteria, which was recognised by local Careers & Enterprise Company.

The Gatsby Benchmarks have a key role in:

• raising young people’s aspirations and promoting access to all career pathways;
• enabling all young people to develop the skills and outlook they need to achieve career wellbeing, including adaptability and resilience;
• underpinning the Department for Education guidance to schools on meeting their statutory responsibility for careers guidance.

Supporting your child

Labour Market Information tells you about what is happening in the job market at national, regional and local levels and includes information about jobs and salaries, what skills employers are looking for in different industrial sectors, conditions, communities and future trends.

It can help you discover where the job opportunities are, the sectors, occupations and locations you need to look out for, and help you identify the skills your child might need to develop in the future.  Click on the link above to discover more.

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Labour Market Information

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