Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, LeAF Studio is now closed and will remain closed until further notice. Please visit our COVID-19 page below for further information. All Staff are contactable via email and will work remotely during this time.

Strength, Conditioning & Sports Science Our Strength & Conditioning curriculum


Strength & Conditioning Faculty 

Mr N Patrick – Lead Coach

Mr M Laurijssen

For more details on our Strength & Conditioning curriculum, please contact or 01202 578886

LeAF Studio sports science coaches support our athletes and performers through their educational development by delivering services which enable the students to optimise their training schedule whilst developing their physical capabilities. The role of the department is more than just lifting weights, we currently look to support the athlete through:

  • Growth and Maturation
  • Biomechanical and movement function analysis
  • Injury Prevention and treatment of injuries
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition

Through these support mechanisms the athletes and performers are able to gain access to our 3x Olympic platform gym, 2 x Wattbike, testing equipment including speed gates, force platform and body composition, as well as our medical facilities.

These facilities enable us to put ours athletes and performers at the centre of their physical development, with each student receiving support with tailored gym, movement and injury prevention programmes.

Our full S&C intent, implementation and impact document can be found by clicking here.