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GCSE Music Our Year 9-11 Music curriculum


Music Faculty

Mr K Hayman

For more details on our Music curriculum, please contact [email protected] or 01202 578886

Curriculum Intent

Music is taught to promote both educational and holistic growth, along with artistic expression.

Music is a language that brings all together, allowing the ability to share personal tastes with others, build teamworking skills and give ever-changing and developing goals for students to aspire towards. It is an entity that provides figureheads of inspiration, with attainable achievements accessible for all.

Skills in analysis, comparison and evaluation of music are developed over the course of a student’s music tuition. This allows them the ability to speak at a more advanced level regarding the composition and DNA of different musical artists, genres and periods.

The ability to compose, both freely and to specified constructs, is built across the course, starting with basic theoretical and popular music-based ideals before expressing this is a deeper and wider way through coursework (NEA) tasks.

Students work towards improving a chosen performance specialism (vocal/instrument) for grading in their final year of GCSE. This is supplemented via training, both external and internal, and brings students in line with the defined standard advised by Edexcel.

The Edexcel GCSE was being studied at my starting point with the school. It resonates as a course that provides a gravitas to the subject and instils this into the students

Edexcel provides a syllabus that takes both modern and classical influences in its set work appraisals, along with a strong NEA pathway to support students that flourish greater in practical musical studies. The pieces studied and assessed via exam come from a wide variety of genres, but include relevant and popular examples to engage students and help to provide access via associated works that are within the realms of the students’ understanding.

Our full Music curriculum intent, implementation and impact document can be found by clicking here.