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Year 12-13 Our Year 12-13 Music Tech curriculum


Music Faculty

Mr K Hayman

For more details on our Music curriculum, please contact [email protected] or 01202 578886

Curriculum Intent

Entry requirements:

Grade 5 or above in English & Maths

Grade 5 or above in GCSE Music


Pass in BTEC/NCFE Level 2 Qualifications in Music/Music Technology

Whilst our partner enterprise BAMM offers a selection of BTEC qualifications at Level 3, at LeAF Studio we currently offer A Level Music Technology from Edexcel.

Skills within the Music Industry are consistency working towards a more digital and technological basis, where software continues to advance and the traditional instrument is less and less commonly found. By studying Music Technology, students are able to acquire and develop existing skills to a level that suitably prepares for Higher Education courses and employment in both studio and live environments.

Students cover 4 main areas:

Firstly, the recording of audio to the highest of standards to rival professional work. Students learn about the recording environment and sound capture along with efficient and standard processes. They learn how to capture and methods of using creativity to develop or manipulate the source or recorded audio. This is taught through lecture-based information and then practical implementation, giving students the ability to attempt and then succeed in the tasks given.

Sound creation and synthesis works towards different pathways of the Music Industry that are less at the forefront, but equally important. Students are taught about sound synthesis and methods of creating, using effects processes creatively as opposed. This is taught through demonstrations and workshops, followed by skills-based tasks and testing.

Students reflect on the progression of music technology from its earliest inceptions until present day. Analysing the progression and ever-growing utilisation of technology gives students the chance to reflect on how musical genres emerged and progressed. Students explore through research and comparison, the progression of different hardware and modern software equivalents to discover how technologies have changed. They compare, analyse and identify key traits through a series of listening exercises and provide their own answers based on set tasks – linking their work to common subjects across the other units of the course.

The new spec of Edexcel A Level Music Technology allows students without a strong musical knowledge traditionally to advance their knowledge and skills at an equal level, whilst still allowing suitable opportunity for creative output.

The course uses relevant and engaging briefs for its work, paired with written exam work for 2 components, giving an equal weight of coursework through the course and then the formal testing afterwards, retaining gravitas inherently understood by the students,, but also spreading out the graded work to manage deadline stress and workload.

The course splits into four suitable explorations for gaining knowledge that enables employment opportunities and a wide knowledge of audio and sound that prepares for Higher Education opportunities.

Our full Music curriculum intent, implementation and impact document can be found by clicking here.