OPEN EVENINGS | Y9 ENTRY – 21 September 2023 | SIXTH FORM - 23 November 2023

Individual/Additional Sports


The primary aim of LeAF Studio is to enable student athletes to achieve their potential in both their academic study and their chosen sport specialism. In doing this our staff do not profess to be being experts in each and every sport, however we have the combined skill and ability to work in conjunction with external clubs and coaches in order to create a comprehensive academic and performance programme, incorporating the necessary balance of study, training and competition time required to reach each athlete’s goals.

We are very proud to support our past and present individual / additional sport athletes, who have been successful at regional, national and international level in sports including Cycling (Track, Road & BMX), Athletics (Cross Country, Track and Field), Karate, Taekwondo, Skiing, Skateboarding, Netball, Trampolining, Weightlifting, and Rowing.

As a student athlete at LeAF Studio you will have access to Athlete Support Services that includes a strength and conditioning programme appropriate to your sport and level of development, advice and guidance on nutrition, performance psychology, goal setting and self-management which are all available through our unique specialism programme. If you would like to discuss in more detail about how LeAF Studio can help you achieve your sports performance goals as well as your academic aspirations, please email Mr Evans on [email protected]