OPEN EVENINGS | Y9 ENTRY – 21 September 2023 | SIXTH FORM - 23 November 2023



LeAF School Athlete Action Images :
(Photo by Nick Guise-Smith / MirrorBoxStudios)

Students that have the fundamental footballing ability to benefit from our Football programme can receive high standard coaching whilst receiving an educational package to suit their individual needs.

Students will receive a full time Football programme which will consist of sessions with Technical, Tactical, Physical and Social outcomes. They will receive a Strength and Conditioning package that supports this as well as having access to a physiotherapist and a sports psychiatrist.

LeAF Football students have the opportunity to meet with our Talented Athletes Lifestyle Support advisor, who’s role is to support, develop and empower performance student athletes to consider the wider components of their life that could hinder or enhance sporting, education and future life performance.

All the work we do is about improving the player individually as well as increasing their abilities to work in a unit or team environment. Each year  group will be entered into Local, Regional and National cups or leagues that are suitable for the progression of the group of players.

Alongside this they will receive full support with their external outlets of Football and be assisted in making their transition towards First Team / Adult Football. Students will have the opportunities to sign up for FA Level 1 Coaching qualifications along with refereeing, first aid and safeguarding when in Sixth Form.

Our aim is to offer the complete footballing experience to help students towards a Footballing future. Whether that be part time or full time; playing, coaching, analysing or any other aspect of the game.

LeAF School Athlete Action Images :
(Photo by Nick Guise-Smith / MirrorBoxStudios)

Our full Football training intent, implementation and impact document can be found by clicking here.