Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, LeAF Studio is currently open for Y10 and 12 students only. Please visit our COVID-19 page below for further information. All Staff are contactable via email and will work remotely during this time. All student work is available each Friday on Show My Homework.

Development Tier Our Development tier


The Development tier is to support students who partake in sport and play at a local or developmental level. The focus of training is not specifically on sports performance, but a generic improvement of a student’s physical, social and psychological performance.

As a Development Tier Student you will gain the following provision:

  • Basic Anthropometric testing & Maturation Screening – trips to local Universities to further knowledge of training and testing in state of the art labs.
  • Discounted Physiotherapy – treatment sessions 10% discounts applied. Personalised rehabilitation programmes shared with LeAF S&C staff to support with recovery to full fitness.
  • Generic S&C as Development Group as a whole.
  • Nutritional guidance from LeAF studio staff.

As a school, we will regularly invite National Governing Bodies of various sports to visit the school and run Talent Identification sessions. If a student is identified as possessing a natural talent for a particular sport, then they will then be invited to training sessions with that National Governing Body for further tests and training.

Please click on the following link to see our Talent ID programme.