RESULTS DAYS: A-level and BTEC Level 3 - Thursday 15 August. GCSE - Thursday 22 August



Psychology Faculty

Miss I Glynn

For more details on our Psychology curriculum, please contact or 01202 578886

KS5 Curriculum 

Entry requirements:

Grade 6 or above in English

Grade 6 or above in Double Science or Biology

Psychology is a scientific field, exploring a large range of human behaviour. It questions and investigates the causes and effect of, or the relationship between, behaviour shown by humans and animals. A dictionary definition will define psychology in terms of the study of the human mind. However, you will see as we move through the course that psychology is about a whole lot more than just the human mind. You will develop core skills in applying psychological theory to real life and you will acquire a richer appreciation of the scientific method utilised by psychologists.

Mandatory Year 1 content:

  1. Social Influence
  2. Memory
  3. Attachment
  4. Psychopathology
  5. Approaches
  6. Research methods

Mandatory Year 2 content:

Year 1 content (1-6)

  1. Biopsychology
  2. Issues and debates in psychology

Optional Year 2 content:

Option 1 (currently delivering choice in bold):

  1. Relationships OR
  2. Gender OR
  3. Cognition & development

Option 2 (currently delivering choice in bold):

  1. Schizophrenia OR
  2. Eating behaviour OR
  3. Stress

Option 3 (currently delivering choice in bold):

  1. Aggression OR
  2. Forensic psychology OR
  3. Addiction


Paper 1:                                Paper 2:                                Paper 3:

Content 1-4                           Content 5-7                           Content 8 + optional content

2 hour exam                          2 hour exam                          2 hour exam

33.3% of A-level                   33.3% of A-level                   33.3% of A-level

96 marks                                96 marks                                96 marks

Across all three papers there will be a selection of multiple choice questions, short answer questions and extended answers (ranging from 8-16 marks for the essay questions)