OPEN EVENINGS | Y9 ENTRY – 21 September 2023 | SIXTH FORM - 23 November 2023



Music Faculty

Mr K Hayman

For more details on our Music curriculum, please contact [email protected] or 01202 578886

KS5 Curriculum 

Entry requirements:

Grade 5 or above in English & Maths

Grade 5 or above in GCSE Music


Pass in BTEC/NCFE Level 2 Qualifications in Music/Music Technology

Whilst our partner enterprise BAMM offers a selection of BTEC qualifications at Level 3, at LeAF Studio we currently offer A Level Music Technology from Edexcel.

Clear emphasis on music technology, without the emphasis on music theory – We’ve retained the practical and theoretical elements of music technology which motivate your students and reduced the emphasis on music theory which we know some students have struggled with.

Keeping the engaging practical content your students love – We know that it’s important that the content is relevant to your students and for them to see the practical application in everyday life. We’ve retained the practical tasks they love and ensured the theory is relevant to the technology they are using.

Equipping students with skills for higher education and beyond – Our content is designed to develop a broad range of skills including project management, appraising and analysis, creativity and imagination. Students will be able to progress to undergraduate study in Music Technology, Sound Production, Sound Engineering and many other courses requiring a similar skill set.

Clearly defined and accessible assessments – Despite an increased exam content, we’ve kept a lot of practical elements in the course and given higher weighting to the exam containing practical elements. We’ve also clearly defined the skills required in each of the non-examination assessment assessments to help you focus on the demands and outcomes of the tasks.